Cape of Good Hope

The day has been mostly been spent on the cape of good hope but first we drove by the penguins who more or less lives in Simon’s Town. The penguins were really cool and it’s no coincidence that we ended up in Simon’s Town but such a tourist trap it was. I would never, ever set my foot here during peak season and there were a lot of people there today, but manageable as long as you don’t pay the entrance fee to go down to the penguins which we didn’t.

One ice cream later and a little bit high on the sugar rush we drove to Cape of Good Hope. As time is an limiting factor we decided to first walk up to the lighthouse and check the view and after that walk out as far as you can go on the actual point. Wonderful view and even if it was a bit windy I really liked it. On our way to the point we found a lovely beach, just to bad that the more or less  vertical stair pretty much kill you when you want to leave the beach.