Bungy jumping

I guess we all do different things to wake up during the morning and today I added a bungy jump to the classic cup of coffee. It is actually one of the biggest bungy jumps in the world and the base is the 216m hight bloukrans bridge. My first bungy jump ever and it was really fun and a nice wake up method.  Bungy jumping do have a taste of the 90’s but I recommend it anyway.

After our jump we decided to drive into the Tsitsikamma national park. Really awesome nature and after a short but steep hike to a viewpoint we got awarded with an absolute stunning view over the area. Once back down we took lunch at a whale and two dolphins came by. I’m not good at speaking whale in the ecstasy of seeing whales i took some really bad photos but the baboon we met on our way to the hostel, he did waited until i got my camera and posed so nice. No more picture than this thou because I misplaced my usb cable and the internet is so freaking slow ere.