Animals in Patagonia

Animals are fun and the more wild they are, the more fun it is. Because of that I decided to head out to the peninsula Valdés for some animals watching and I did not get disappointed.

The day started with a mini bus i heavy winds towards the peninsula, the possibilities for whale safari in the wind was very low so instead we aimed for the land-based animals. The nature reminds me of a desert with some smaller bushes and grass and it didn’t take many minutes before we spotted our first Guanaco, a form of wild camel. It appears that there are plenty of those here so it wasn’t that fun after a while. A little bit further ahead a nice armadillo welcomes us, he was a bit shy though and run of into the grass before I had time to take a picture of him. The maras did however pose properly and birds, yes there was plenty of birds but I have no idea what kind of birds.

Along the coastline we stopped by and said hi to a pack of magella penguins but the big enjoyment was the sea elephants who were laying on the beach. They are just as ugly as they are fat spend their days on the beach, burping and farting all day long and just simple enjoy life. They were quite noisy men incredible fun to watch and besides that they are the orcas favorite food. Glazing all over the sea to spot one but no, they must been somewhere else today.

After lunch the wind calmed down and the whale safari was on, happiness! Roughly 10 minutes into the safari we met our first mum with a new born. New born in this case is like three months old and both the mum and the kid was curious about our boat. Fun fact, the baby whale drinks roughly 200l of milk, everyday! Think about that next time you are breastfeeding your baby! A bit later we meet a bit older southern right whale, this one was approximately around 14m tall and the biggest challenge was how to capture it on photo.

The day after (in other words, today the next phase of my trip starts. However before that I had time to do what I think has to be the weekly highlight, snorkeling with sea lions. Sea lions are like the dogs of the sea, they are curious, playful and kind a brave in groups. Here they are completely wild and they do not use food or anything else to attract the sea lions, instead you just jump into the water and they will come out to you since they are curious of what and who you are. Unfortunately no pictures from this since my camera is not waterproof but it was so fun to swim around with them, play, pet and I even got a nice, wet kiss from one of the brave animals!

Now I will embark my ship towards Antarctica and that means it will be radio silence from me for a while but do not worry, I’m having a really, really good time!