I’m on my way

Finally I’m on my way. My backpack is filled, not sure with what but the most important things are at least with me, my passport and credit card. For the moment I’m sitting in Frankfurt and here i have a wonderful 12 hour stay over until I can board the plane who will bring me all the way to San Fransisco, I guess thats the price you have to pay when you are a sneaky bastard and buy the cheapest ticket you can find.

So far so good thought and because of maintenance on the Swedish railway I had to get on an even earlier train that I planned from start, of course that train didn’t work so I had to go by bus for some parts and so far Ive been traveling for 9 hours, gonna spend 12 hours in Frankfurt and then a 13 hour flight, I’m such a lucky man! Hopefully the timezones will be with me and help me when I arrive but somehow I doubt it, I will be a wreck.

By the way I head plenty of rumors about Frankfurt’s airport and nothing is really positive about it, my own picture so far agree with the rumors. Its a big airport but no good places to chill on and I still haven’t succeeded to find my terminal, but thats good because now I can spend some time looking for it.