Anton has arrived

Been a pretty calm and relaxing day, so far. I started the day with trying to find somewhere to eat breakfast and no, I do not want chinese breakfast with rice. After some walking I did found a classy hole in the wall and I got myself a true big city breakfast, a creame cheese bagel, a gigantic cup of coffee and two of my newly bought (imported of course) cigarettes, everything for the slight amount of $8 or the same as a pack of cigarettes only in Sweden.

After some waiting Anton arrived to my hotel and it was more or less time to get a lunch. Smart as I am i started with ordering a beer so now Anton has to drive for the rest of the day, perfect! After the lunch we drove to the car rental firm and wrote some paper so now I can drive too, well as long as I’m not drunk. We also upgrade/moved out from China town so now we have a big room which is the size of my old apartment and we got a pool. Pretty nice and a perfect base for us while we explore San Fransisco.