In Chernobyl I checked out whats happening after an meltdown at a nuclear plant, here i see the result of a planned explosion. The bomb says contain 50Kg of uranium (Wikipedia say 64?) and less than one kilo was used in the fission however the result was over expectations for the americans and the disaster was an fact for Japan with over 200 000 deaths, which 20 000 was workers from Korea. In Chernobyl the reactor was contained and everything was made to prevent radiation while here, this time, everything was carefully calculated to explode on the correct height for maximum damage. More or less the whole area where the bomb exploded to wiped out and today its a huge park with monuments and reminders so the human population never forgets, what can be better than exploring this under a shining sun and blue sky.

After spent an half day in the park and museum I went for a quick city tour to find some food and get some new clothes before I headed for Hiroshima castle. The castle is only 600m from ground zero of the bomb so as you might guess nothing were left but now its partly rebuilt, just like it looked like and inside the castle is a museum about the castles history and about samurai. Really interesting to just briefly read about Hiroshimas history, how it was controlled but mostly about the samurai lived, had for clothes and gear. My theory is that if you plan to go to war you can dress in two ways

  1. Make sure the enemy doesn’t see you, normally called camouflage
  2. Get so well dress that your enemy doesn’t want to harm your clothes, that makes you safe too.

Normally and de facto standard today is to use some sort of camouflage but the samurais did the other one. Really cool uniforms with so many details just for  good look, no really functions its crazy but I want one! You also had the possibilty to swing a real katana (samurai sword) so now I need to figure out how I can sell my soul so I could buy myself a new outfit.