Tel Aviv

With a bitter taste of yesterdays bar crawl I decided to pack my stuff and head over to Tel Aviv instead. A quick look at the map and off I go, at the bus station I need to x-ray my luggage, find my gate for the bus and just before I gonna jump onboard I realize that my backpack is kind a light and have plenty of space, thats not good. Of course I forgot my jacket at the hostel so lets walk back and start over again in the security checkpoint, bummer. A few hours later than I planned I was finally on the bus on my way to Tel Aviv

Traveling by bus in Israel is the recommended way. The buses are modern with air condition, wifi, comfortable seats and its cheap. The alternative is taxi which is cheap compared to Sweden but you cant really compare them. Traveling between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv you actually can take the train too however its neither cheap, fast or comfortable and only recommended as an experience, at least according to the guide books I read and used to the Swedish trains I am not ready to give it a try.

Once I arrived in Tel Aviv I walked over to my new hostel which has just open. I was one of the first 100 guests so I got a little goodie bag but to the honest, they were not really finished building it yet so it was kind a construction place. The standard at the hostel is quite high though and its more like an hotell than a hostel, unfortunately for me its quite low on people here so I have to go out in the city to meet new people, on the other hand I got a 6-bed room by myself which feels kind a  luxury right now.

Took a short walk down to the beach and got a briefly look at the city and the differences between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is like day and night. I haven’t seen any big hats or whiskers on the whole day and the city feels like any other european city. The weather is really warm and nice and even if the water is a little to cold for me to take a swim the beach is just marvelous.