Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Heard rumors about an concert at Ozen bar and since I didn’t had any other plans for the evening i grabbed a beer and walked out, into the nightlife of Tel Aviv. What I found was an small cozy bar and I was wondering if I really was on the right place until I found a bigger room inside with an stage and once the band entered the stage the atmosphere went really good. The band, almost 10 persons played something called “middle east fusion” and even if I dont haven an better name for it I think it had similarities with balkan/gypsie music. Tried to film with my phone but the quality is not that good

Met alot of fun and nice people and even if I wasnt on a “real” club I really recommend the nightlife in Tel Aviv, people here now how to party!

Woke up today to a shining sun and after breakfast I walked over to Old Jaffa (old city). It was quite nice, kind a cozy but a tourist trap with much higher prices then any other part of the city and people are trying to sell stuff and barkers everywhere. Its totally worth a visit but I think we all can agree that Tel Aviv cant compare with Jerusalem regarding their history or culture while Jerusalem cant compare with Tel Avivs nightlife. Tonight I will meet up some friends I met during this trip, we will probably drink a beer or two, maybe an arrack and and tomorrow I head back to Sweden again,