We reached the peak

Today we mounted the snow shoes and decided to climb the peak. Even if we have lived at 2000m and skied on 3000m above the sea level for almost three weeks now it was really heave to climb the last few meters to reach the peak at 4250m above the sea level. The thought that I should stop smoking hit me once or twice on the way up but once I reached the top all thoughts just disappeared and I could only focus on the beautiful view. We had Pakistan on one side, Kashmir valley on the other and pretty much all around you you can see Himalayan peaks, amazing.

Johan and Fredik, two other swedes we met down here took each a monster run along the “shark fin”, a nice 50-55° slope, completely untouched. It looked totally amazing however we were not interested in another walk up again so we only looked and decided to go down on the same side as the gondola. A kind a bad decision because the sun had melted the sun and then it had freeze again which created a crust from hell. It was weird, hard and not really fun to ski through.

Spent another night at Pine Palace drinking tea and had a lecture from the local, voluntary ski patrol regarding avalanches. Except classic avalanche knowledge they also talked about the local condition and showed pictures from the avalanche we had a couple of days a ago. Really interesting and by some reason I think its a good idea to try to keep up before you have to use your knowledge for real.