The night before

You could belive that an ski shop has opened at Trädgårdsgatan. Skis, snowboard, boots, and clothes together with electronic gears like transponders, ipods and cameras all over the foor together with backpacks which are getting repacked for the fourth time. Its not easy to know what to bring, normally you are away for a week or two on a resort where you can buy whatever you forgot, you know what kind of weather there is. On this trip we will go for a month, up and into the Himalayan mountains with no ski shops or possibility to buy stuff. We found some weather reports though but they have been saying “heavy snowing” for the last month, Internet is good but come on, someone must update the information too.

Just in time for this trip I succeed to catch a really bad cold too, I wonder if I should aim for an emergency  batch of penicillin and start praying or just continue my diet of water and paracetamol, an 24 hour trip to India with zero immune system feels a bit risky so I guess I wait and decide once I arrive to Gulmarg.

A friend told me once that you can see the status of a country on their visa’s, the more gold and showy it is the more shitty is the country. Indias visa is pretty neutral so that feels good, they did however spell my name wrong but I dont think that will be a problem.


“Tänk på att Beatles aldrig blev detsamma efter deras Indien besök”