I found paradise

This was probably one of the best ski days I ever had. Blue sky, a bright shining sun which burned my nose together with a huge mountain which is filled with champagne powder. Each run is not that long, maybe a click or two but we start at an altitude of 4000m above the sea. My body has started to get used to the thin air and it was just awesome. No matter who you looked at everybody was so stoked and you could see that in their eyes and smile, just pure happiness. Or as someone on the mountain said, every run is like loosing my virginity again!

On the top of the mountain the only limits were your imagination, wide areas to narrow canyons and during one of the run me and Mats aimed for a canyon, it started steep and got steeper for every meter, at the same time it got more and more narrow and then you see the rocks and cliffs coming closer and closer at the same time as you know you cant stop and the speed is just increasing, then you know you are alive and god damn what I love it!The riots from yesterday has now reached Srinigar and they are doing the classic, throwing rocks at the police and lightning up cars. In Gulmarg were we are its much calmer and we really dont notice that though. The military has formed a nice ring around the village and no one is allowed to enter and if you want to leave you have to ask for permission and they will give you military escort, just in case. We are enjoying life to much to bother though but I guess I can start to understand why the Swedish government doesn’t recommend anyone to go here. I would say that its totally worth the risk!


“I have rethinked, lets skip the nice lines and go big instead”
-Max is thinking of how to attract sponsors