Gone shopping

The day started with Mats and Max leaving, they were planning of going to Sri Lanka but there is right now more or less civil war there so their plan is to head to New Dehli first and from there improvise. After the classic chat about a reunion once we get back to Sweden they left and me and Martin headed to market for some shopping.

After we bought a lot of candy and we strolled around at the market and found one of the coolest jewel stores ever. The shop owner invited us into his store which more or less was just a shack, max 2 square meters but it was pretty nice inside and of course he offered us some tea. He was quite funny and we talked, watched jewelery and drank tea when he suddenly started to roll up a spliff. Thats a weird situation but we keep cool and when he noticed that we finished our tea he used a broom stick to slam on the roof. Apparently he has his family or something  on the second floor because we heard how someone or something started to move above us and after a minute or two we had new, fresh tea again. I don’t think I ever spent so much in a jewelery store but after some bargaining I bought a necklace and Martin bought two. He also asked us if we wanted to buy some hashish, and he was talking about kilos here. He suggested that we hide it in chess board and Buddha statues and offered us to buy on credit, my thoughts about the Swedish toll is a bit higher than that though so we friendly but confirmedly said thank you but no thanks,.

We continued over to next store and bought some scarfs of kashmir wool, Martin was a big spender and also bought a hat and a hoodie, myself is more thinking of if I should buy a close fitted Kashmir wool hoodie, that would be pretty cool.

“I dont like papers so this is a gift for you”
– Store owner gives us gifts