Started with a burnout

Finally the trip has started and we are right now in a rainy and gray Czech Republic but lets start from the beginning. Per, my uncle came by with the car we going to use for this road trip, a Citroen C1. Maybe not the biggest car but it will be perfect for us two and already when we boarded the ferry in Trelleborg he showed off. Per tried to accelerate on the wet ferry tarmac and we didn’t move an inch and after a few seconds we started to feel the smell of burned rubber. A big laugh later we were parked and on our way to find our cabin.
The ferry between Trelleborg and Rostock is not a fun ferry but to move from A to B its perfect, the ferry leaves at 23.00 and arrives around 6 in the morning so even if its a boring ferry its ok to just grab a beer and then go to sleep and then you wake up, you are in Germany.

In Rosttock we headed for the autobahn. We were not really interested to see anything special and the gray, foggy weather with clouds really close to the ground made us even more confidents that we just wanna go south as fast as possible.  Somewhere outside Leipzig we decided to leave the autobahn for according to the map a pretty big road but as I soon have learned is that you cant trust maps. The road was more like a tarmac trail and it went up, down, left right all over , at some places we could only use the second gear on the car because the road was to steep. The landscape was really beautiful though and in Plasy we found an “small” monestry, it needs some renovation but it was impressive now and I can only imaging how impressive it was before it started to get abonded. Right now we are in Plzeň and even if its still rainig we need to try some of the famous Czech beers nd maybe see at least some parts of the city.