Should we?

A beautiful morning was spent at the Inca exhibition (now I really need to make my plans of visiting south America real). After the exhibition we needed to go shopping since Per had promised to buy some sort of colorful bath salt. I think it helps if you know what you are looking for but after visited every pharmacy in the city we finally found it and decided to go to the local brewery instead. Of course it was off  limits but a small white lie later and we were inside and could both see the brewery from the inside and buy some local beer to a very attractive price.

Our plan was to drive on small roads, avoiding the autobahn towards Berlin however after spent 1.5 hours to get 2 miles we kind a gave up and just went up on autobahn instead. Somewhere around here we also started to talk about skipping Berlin and just head for the night ferry back home to Sweden. The target was switched and we aimed for Rostock with plenty of time to go, well at least until we got to Potsdam. Here it literally stopped because of an traffic incident and while we were waiting, the clock ticked.

With 20 minutes to go we did roll on the ferry together with a lot of polish, Czechs and Romanians. A neat rip of 85 miles was finished during one day (our longest during this trip) and our trip is now officially over. Tomorrow I will get back to Stockholm and try to summarize the whole trip in some sort of way.