Like by a coincidence Per thought it was my turn to drive once the border to Austria were getting close and just after we changed driver the asphalt was replaced with something that looked like swiss cheese with all the holes and the road went more an more narrow while the altitude increased for every meter I drove. I suspect that Per knew exactly what he was doing when he suggested to change driver but I have now proof. Using low gears and high rev we finally succeded to climb the Plöckenpass and very warm, smelly brakes later we were down on the other side, inside Austria and 40 miles in 7 hours, that say something about our average speed on this road. Its however quite fun that the road we expected to find and everybody warned us about where found here, in Austria.

Driving through Austria was an easy cake and now we are in southern Germany, in a small city called Rosenheim. We decided to take a stop here and once we found a little hotel for the night we found out that they are celebrating 150 years as a city, and they a Inca exhibition. Things could be worse for sure and german beer is always german beer, sweet!

After we walked around the city it was time to get back to the hotel and after spending two weeks on the Balkan that shouldn’t be any problem. I mean we are used to find our way even if we cant read the signs or understand the language but in the german city, we were lost. After a lot of walking, scratching our head and many laughs later we finally found the road we drove on to get into the city. Using this we could backtrack our steps and finally found the hotel, I do really need to learn to remember the business card from where I stay since this is not the first time I cant take a taxi since I cant remember the hotel name/address.