Ubud, Indonesia

Right after breakfast it was time to get on the bus to move over to Ubud, by distance not more than around 30km but after just a few minutes in the bus I realised that I took the right decision to take the bus instead of renting a scooter which was my original plan. My first issue which I to be honest didn’t thought of first, they are driving on the left side here but it that is not the major issue. The major issue is that I do not get the rules, the traffic signs are obvious ignored but still, in some way which I do not understand they know when to drive, or to stop. Once driving the number of lanes doesn’t really matter, you simply drive where it is room for you.

Ubud has a bit of a hippie aura with a lot of artist, yoga and alternative people and trust me, you will notice it as soon you arrive. It didn’t take long before the first old lady with full yoga outfit walked pass me and it never stopped, they were everywhere! But its not the yoga which had my attention, instead it was Sacred monkey forest. A nice protected area with a large temple which is populated by monkeys, I mean to the honest…you can’t get closer to the “Jungle book” than this?!?
The monkeys are semi-free which means that they are free to roam as they want however while they are here, they are monitored, gets feeded and if they get sick they get help. This together with its a huge tourist attraction is what you say, a win win situation.

I also had time for a quick walk through the city, city center is pretty small but its very cosy with a lot of restaurant’s, cafe’s and shops. Its really touristic here but still, the hippie vibe makes it feel really nice anyway but lets see if I still think this tomorrow.