Towards Munduk but first some dance

Finished the nigh in Ubud with revisiting the Ubud Palace for a dance show in traditional Balinese dance, Leogong. To be fair, I am just as confused now as during my first visit, i did not understand the story and I am just as impressed as I am scared of the dancers. They do have a different style with an extraordinary body control which made it all creepy to look at when they waved their armes, waggled their heads and suddenly stared at you. I tried to record some of it but doubt that you get the same feeling through the screen but in either way, I strongly recommend a visit if you ever visit Ubud,

Today I spent most of the time riding the bus to Munduk. The trip went through small villages, across rice fields, over high mountains and through deep valleys. The road reminded me a lot of the so called death road in Bolivia except this one has tarmac, has something which looks like two lanes and in most cases, have crash barriers. The road is still winding along high cliffs where you hardly see the bottom though. Our driver did handle the bus to perfection and we arrived both healthy and without any motion sickness which is rather unbelievable.
Once on site we did notice though that you can travel by bus to Munduk, it is much harder to travel from Munduk, actually we cannot find any bus away from here. I guess you need to be Balinese to understand that logic but the problem got solved over a good cup of coffee, which you had to filter between your teeth because of all coffee grounds by founding a possibility to rent a guide, with car including pickup at any place at Bali. Suddenly it become rather more expensive than expected but hey, shit happens and with a exit plan I can now focus on the lovely nature and hopefully spot some waterfalls.