I cant stand it

It took less than 24 hours before I got tired of this big, totally uninspired concrete block to restort. Yes it is nice pool and even since we upgraded our selves, with a private pool and staying in an area with kids not allowed but is it worth it? No! It is literally people everywhere and it feels like everything here is built to fit as many people as possible, which makes it in reality fit absolutely no-one instead. The staff is really nice but after the pandemic it feels like everybody who had experience has moved on and all the staff now is young, unexperienced without a clear leadership. Everything takes forever and they just run around with no plan and what it feels like, no idea what they are doing. The record is 30 minutes wait for the bill and that is after we asked for it. Me and myself said that we had given them the chance and if they don’t give us the bill that must mean its on the house but my company did not agree.

Everything is not bad though, they do have a SPA here and according to my travel companion is was really, really good. You can also borrow kayak for free, that is really nice and after today I can mention that paddling along the current was pretty nice, turning back home, against the tide and current was not as fun.

Well, nothing forces us to stay here on the complex and today we left the area and found Jalepeno, a tiny Mexican restaurant which was really popular. We got a place at the bar, overlooking the creation of Margaretas while we ate a lot of enchiladas, burritor, corn and jalapenos and immediately the mood changed back to happy again.