Chillin in Ubud

Internet is not always stable here but you haven’t really missed much. I am back in Ubud and have the last two days spent the days, just relaxing. Started the day to live at Threewin Homestay. I have stayed at many homestays under with trip, in shifting quality and price class but to be honest, this is outstanding. It started that they have decorated our room and flowers just to make it extra cosy to arrive, they offered a welcome drink like any hotel with some class and the whole family was super nice and did everything they could to make sure that I felt myself welcome. At the morning they offered a breakfast with the most tasy omelette I ever eaten (friendly reminder, fry the tomatoes in garlic next time you cook a omelette) and there, during I am in heaving eating my omelette the friendly neighbour rabbit came and visited, just as cute as surprising.

Unfortunately I only got one night at Threewin so I had to change to a new hotel, this time to one who has a restaurant and bar in the lobby. I am stil in Ubud and this new hotel is a bit more lively, you may roll of the bed into the pool and the room service is both fast and accurate so I will not complain.

The days has was spent in a calm pace but we took a short hike along the rice fields, the goal was a small Warung. The juice may look poisonous but it tasted magical and made me googling if I can grow dragon fruit in Sweden. It has also been some shopping here, if you go to the market you can find everything and anything super cheap but myself went to the more, real shops. It was a bit more expensive of course but hopefully the shirts hold a bit better quality but either way, it is still less than half price of what they would cost back home.