Campuhan ridge walk together with Ubud Palace/Market

I am still in Ubud and the day started with a rather short but spectacular hike up and along a ridge. The start was a bit creepy but once you where on the ridge you walked along small rice fields and a fabulous surrounding which I unsuccessfully tried to capture with my camera. The weather is a bit cloudy and during my breakfast it was actually raining (yes, its rain season now). The cloud made the hike more comfortable though, the hike is really exposed to the sun and it gets really hot once the sun is shining on you. At the end of the hike we had blue sky again and by the look of my t-shirt, it looked like I hade been swimming in the ocean.

I spent the afternoon at Ubud Palace and to be fair, I think I should hired a guide because I did not understand anything but yea, I guess it some ruins, some statues and the scent of incense was heavy, but thats not just for Ubud Palace, the scent is all over Ubud. Since I didn’t understood anything I decided to skip being cultural and headed to the market instead. Not that easy to find since they had moved the market because renovation but I found it and it was street after street with all you can think off. Shawls and t-shirts to ashtrays, masks or knifes and even swords. Everything is mixed with tiny tiny restaurants and everybody, from shops to restaurants and even the taxi drivers has people trying to catch your interest but kudos to them, they accept a no thank you without any hassle.

I also noticed that we share room, it is Oggy the cockroach who lives in our bathroom together with this friend Thox, the lizard. They respect us and are staying at their side so I respect them however my anonymous travel company is not that happy about it. Nothing has been stated yet but I believe I am suppose to evict them at any time.