Arrived at Sanur

For the second time on this trip and for the second time in my life I am staying at a large, all inclusive type of resort. Ubud may be central and works just perfect as a hub for different activities but we felt that we were done with that city and took the bus down to Sanur, close to the ocean.New years eve is coming up and tourists seems to love to stay close to the sea made us realise that many of the hotels and homestays were sold out but we did find a room, we upgraded a little bit and now we are probably living at something which quiet luxury.

I am not convinced though, the room is really nice and we do have our own pool, perfect if we shouldn’t have energy to walk those 50 meters to the ocean but still, it feel really impersonal and boring. At the beach restaurant we heard people speaking Swedish and suddenly I am not the palest guy on the beach anymore. It is however nice to get something beside rice of fried noodles to breakfast and so far, even if this is far away from how we travel up to now during this trip it feels pretty good to just disconnect the brain and follow mainstream.

For dinner we did however left the area and went to a small, cosy restaurant called “Lilla Pantai”, that is Swedish and they served an amazing fish but they had of course Swedish meatballs and other Swedish dishes on the menu, we left those untouched,