South georgia, Calisbury plain

Still at South Georgia we decided that today we will visit Calisbury plain. A landing which probably was the easiest on this trip so far and once on the beach we saw a long beach filld with elephant seals and behind the beach a plain filled with King penguins and yes, even more penguins.

I tried to actually think through my pictures today like using the nature as framing and using focus to get more interesting pictures but well, that didn’t work out very well and lets just say that me and my camera are not always friends.

The afternoon was supposed to be on Prion Island but heavy wind simply stopped that so we had to go for the backup plan, Fortuna bay. The beach is pretty small but surrounded by high mountain peaks and glaciers. Since the beach is small we were split up in different groups so while first group was on the beach the other one took a zodiac tour and looked at the nature and icebergs from the seaside. There was plenty of penguins, seals and birds but what took my focus and impressed me mostly was the icebergs. Crazy big, completely free from dirt or pollution and with a almost magical blue color. The blue color shows that the ice is really old and has no air in it anymore and the absence of dirt and pollution hints you that these one comes from Antarctica, I’m closing in on my goal!

In the evening a representative from South Georgia government thanked us for good cooperation and stated that we were 100% free of rats. Apparently they had walked through the ship with special trained dogs to find rats while we were on the beach. We also managed the bio security with a score of 97%. That’s the best result this year and we are actually the first ship this year who of all cruise-ships that passed the test. I guess that was the explanation why our staff was so rigorous about the bio security and we had to vacuum clean, wash, vacuum clean all our clothes, they are really, really scared of invasive species here.