Help, I’m bored

The sea is a bit more wild today and except that we passed what looked like two randomly placed rocks where is absolutely nothing here except the sea. I even saw that the radar screen was empty while I was visiting the captain on the bridge in an attempt to cure my cabin fever.

It was actually really interesting and a bit nerdy to visit the bridge and I did not understand much of all the buttons, controls and screens there but a good way to summarize it is that if you think I have a hi-tech job, do visit the bridge on a modern polar exploration ship. By pure self-preservation I successfully avoided to press any buttons even if it was tempting.

It did help but unfortunately only temporary and I am still bored to the max even if we have seen both fin-whales, humpback whales and fur seals from the ship today. In pure desperation I even activated the Internet and tried to communicate with the world for the first time in a week. Internet is available via satellite on the ship but it is expensive, really expensive. For €150 you can buy 500Mb of data which is not much but we got a 100Mb for free, just like the drug dealers who try to get you hooked. The connection was so slow and bad though that I couldn’t get neither Facebook or my email to work so I will continue to live without knowing whats happening in the world and to be honest, it feels really good!