Antarctica, Deception Island

Just as we arrived to Deception Island the wind increased but we managed to get inside. Inside in this case means that we navigated ourselves trough a narrow passage into the middle of the island, the island is hollow. The explanation for this is simple, its an volcano. Sure its still an active volcano but it was almost 50 years ago it erupted last time so I think its safe.

What we did was simple sailed into the crater, with the surrounded rocks we had pretty good cover from the wind but most importantly the swell and I was really looking forward for a landing which got canceled. The wind was just increasing and with a wind speed at 36 m/s we didn’t have much of a choice. Even if the entrance to this crater is narrow the crater itself is just like everything else here, huge. According to Wikipedia the crater is 9×6 km. If you dig on the beach hot water will start trickle and this place has been used for many years as a save harbor and a good place for taking a swim or just clean yourself. Sure its cold in the sea but by just digging a bit you get hot water from the spring below.

Well that was nothing we could enjoy, instead we started to sail south again and it was a bit of a roller coaster. The whole ship was splashed in water when we dived into the waves and it didn’t took many minutes before the whole ship was covered in ice. Of course they closed down the deck so we were not allowed to go outside which felt a bit unnecessary, I mean who want to go out in freezing cold and it would be impossible to remain on the deck? Well the good thing is that I didn’t become sea sick and as we all know, after a big storm sunshine will come!